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 Our car locksmith service..

After years of dealing with car keys, ignition and programming keys a daily bases, Reliable Locksmith 24/7 can provide our customer's ,24 hour a day all over the US, quick and professional automotive locksmith services without any extra charges and with 100% satisfaction. we can help with all of automotive car locksmith needs including new car key make on site, smart and fobik car key, keyless remote, removal of broken ignition key, ignition repair, ignition replace, programming chip key, laser key, car door locks repair or rekey to customers key, replace car locks, duplicate keys for all types of automobiles and more.. Our trained technician have all the knowledge to help you with any Auto Locksmith project. 

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We offer competitive pricing and do our best to keep any auto locksmith work costs as low as possible. this means cheap auto locksmith don’t have to be cheap in quality. 

Reliable Locksmith 24/7 offer different kinds of auto locksmith tips for you use them to save those situation from you. First make sure you have a spare key at your home, also at your work that will save you time and money when you realize you lost your original one or locked out of your vehicle. If you lost your car key call the police in case someone found and returned it. Try to be ready for any emergency locksmith situation before its happen, ask friends it they have a auto locksmith company their used before, search for automobile locksmith services, you can find some of them online and read some review from previous customers, ask for prices and how long it's can take to made the job.  

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Question  "..I lost my spare key to my car and I am afraid someone might have stolen it. what do i need to make sure no one can use the key and stolen my vehicle? do i need to change the trunk and door locks or just rekeying?  Does anyone have an idea how much this would cost and how long it can take to do that?.."

Answer  "..First you can call to the local police department and ask if someone found the key and returned it. you don't to change the door locks and spend money for that, search online and call for auto locksmith services, they can assist you with your door locks rekeying and provide you a new key, they can do that quick (45 minute estimate time for two door rekey) also it's might cost you $79 per door lock rekey, probably less the dealer. (estimate price).."

Question  "..This is another of bad luck with cars…. I was scheduled to get my windshield replaced on my 1997 Nissan Maxima and discovered i can't find my car key, the car was in my driveway and the key inside it, I called the dealership, figuring I could give them the VIN # and they could make me a copy, but nope. The car too old, his only suggestion was to change the locks and the ignition. who can help me to open the car with no damaged?.." 

Answer  ".. If you locked out of your car you don't need the dealership, call for auto locksmith to get help, they provide 24 hour auto locksmith services and they will assist you at your location quick, ( 20 minute ETA) and charge you $75 (estimate price).."

Question  "..I bought a used car that didn't come with the remotes. How can I order a new remotes?.."

Answer  "…We've developed the industry's most comprehensive remote compatibility database. In most cases, we'll just need the year, make and model of your vehicle, your vehicle needs to be "programmed" to recognize any keyless entry remote, whether purchased at KeylessRide or at your local dealership. Follow written programming instructions or call for auto locksmith service when you receive your remote. programming can typically be done in less than five minutes.."


Question  "..My car dealer told me that programming key can only be done at their place, it is right?.."

Answer "..Only some vehicles really need to be plugged into your dealership's computers for keyless entry remote programming but most of them can be programming everywhere including your driveway, before you calling for a dealership try to contact with automotive locksmith company, they can send you locksmith technician to your location and program the key and save your time and your money.."